Be afraid.

Global warming isn’t a conjecture. It isn’t a possibility, a theory, or a distant prospect. It’s a fact. It’s happening right now, and it’s happening fast.

Sea levels are rising. Glaciers and ice caps are melting. Around the world, temperatures are creeping noticeably upwards. If this trend continues, Earth’s inhabitants can look forward to stronger and more frequent hurricanes, some catastrophic flooding, a spike in insect-borne diseases like malaria and encephalitis, and a whole host of other nasty side-effects by the end of the current century, if not earlier.

Worried? You should be.

It’s not too late, though! Though small changes in our own lifestyles, as well as some thoughtful political action, we can halt this impending disaster. The contributors to this blog will narrate their recent efforts — both big and small — to save the planet.


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